Labor Day Tac-Mag Bundle
Labor Day Tac-Mag Bundle
Labor Day Tac-Mag Bundle

Labor Day Tac-Mag Bundle


Our Labor Day Tac-Mag Bundle is on sale now!!

Help us celebrate those people that work so hard to keep roofs over their heads and food on their tables!


  • 3 Pack Tac-Mag
  • American Flag Gat Mag
  • Mystery Knife

4 Things you should know about the design of our Tac Mags:

1. We incorporate multiple magnets into each of our units. This was done to remedy the problem of having slide releases, safeties or general indentations or extrusions of your firearm from cutting down severely on surface contact. It also served to keep the firearm square to the unit. With only one magnet the gun could spin as if it were a wheel.

2. We used a special polymer. This speaks for itself, but to reiterate the idea we continue. It prevents marring on your expensive firearm while being durable enough to offer a 100% guarantee

3. We spread the magnets in a lineal fashion to change the fulcrum point. With one magnet the barrel could be pressed to the mounting surface easily creating an unsafe condition by limiting contact. By spreading out the magnets the leverage effect of the barrel is dramatically reduced by creating a contact point far away from the fulcrum. This also prevents spinning that can occur with a single magnet.

4. Lastly, we fixed the price. At this price, you can actually afford to have these mounted in every place that you believe it should be. They also make great gifts.