5 Safe Gifts for the Gun-Toting American Family

Passing the patriotic torch down to the younger generation is a privilege every American parent knows.

Teaching kids to honor and respect this great country of ours starts at home, and instills a deep sense of national pride they’ll carry close to their hearts their entire lives.

They watch and learn from everything we do.

They pledge their allegiance as they hoist Old Glory, honor those whose sacrifice secured our freedoms, and learn of the sanctuaries that protect our rights.

As adults, our directive is clear; to usher in American values, protect the young and frail among us, and teach youngsters the right ways of the world. 

This holiday season, give the patriotic families in your circle all the things they need to stir national pride in young hearts, cultivating an unshakeable resolve for defending everything that keeps the USA proud and true. 

The Second Amendment is their birthright, and learning the responsibility that accompanies their liberties helps kids grow up safe, strong and resilient.

Help keep our precious families safe, as a new generation of great American patriots emerges. 

Giant Flag Pole Kit

What better gift is there to give to a star-spangled family than the honor to fly Old Glory tall & proud?

The kids will love flying two flags at once, and the parents will love it’s easy maintenance & setup.

And as part of our holiday sale, you can get one at over $170 Off.


Solar Flag Pole Light

Does the red-blooded family on your list already have a flag pole? They’ll love this one.

Uniquely designed to automatically turn on at night and off at dusk, this one-of-a-kind gift allows for flying the flag at night while adhering to US flag code.

(P.S. It makes a great add-on to the Giant Flag Pole Kit!)


Biometric Safe

If you have young ones in the house, or your gal is a bit scared of guns, a biometric safe is a good option.

It opens to only the fingers that you program into it and has a zero-frustration set-up. There’s even enough space to store some valuables.


Month Food Storage Kit

If there’s one thing a family should always have on hand, it’s emergency food reserves. At the same time, kids are picky, and most emergency food tastes like dirt.

Loaded with a variety of flavor-packed dishes, this is a gift parents will truly appreciate, and hopefully, will never have to use.


Mounted Speed Safe

A strategic blend of safety & easy access, the Mounted Speed Safe is a more secure version of a tactical magnet.

Your loved one can attach it anywhere they can drill a couple screws and access their firearm within seconds while keeping it safely out of reach from sticky fingers.


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