6 Gifts for Hunters that are Right in the Crosshairs

The hunt for the perfect gift begins.

When you’ve only got one shot to bag the big one with a gift that’s right on the mark, you can confidently pull the trigger on these hunter-approved attachments.

The hunting enthusiast on your holiday shopping list can’t ever have too many accessories to supercharge their steady aim, so grab them some of this gear that’s right in the crosshairs.

Here, we’ve rounded up 6 gifts to make the steely-eyed hunter you’re shopping for feel like a million bucks. (See what we did there?)

Spotting Monocular

Trust me; your significant hunter will appreciate a spotting monocular that doesn’t fog up.

Unlike most others on the market, this top-notch monocular is completely waterproof, fog-proof, and comes with a free tripod.


Reflex Holographic Sight

When it comes to hunting big game, your significant hunter could use all the help he can get.

Give him a gift that will reduce his aim to an instant.

Disclaimer: We are not responsible for more deer head mounts.


Shoulder Holster

The only thing more powerful & dangerous than a firearm is the element of surprise.

Specially designed to be comfortable, discrete, and compatible for both left and right hand draw, your loved one will appreciate a quality holster that they’ll barely even know is there.


Ankle Holster

A great addition to any torso holster, the ankle holster allows for carrying multiple firearms at once and is uniquely designed for rapid access as well as optimal comfort.

Oh and don’t worry about guessing shoe size; one size fits all.


Red Laser Sight

Talk to any hunter; they have plenty of stories of, “I just missed it by a hair.”

Give them a gift that will Improve their aim in an instant and increase their chances of taking home that 8-pointer they dream of.


Tactical Belt

More than likely, the hunter on your list has a belt from 1996.

They’ll appreciate a gift that’s durable, Molle compatible, and provides them the capability to store more loaded magazines.


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